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Here’s why my toddler eats Indian meals 5 days a week

Healthy Plant-based Indian-Inspired Toddler Meals by My Veggie Bubba

I was one of those mothers who did not read a single book about raising a child, pregnancy and so on. I thought "it can’t be that hard", oh boy was I wrong!

When Josh was born, books and google became my best friends! The first six months were hard, I struggled to cook healthy meals as my recovery post-birth was very long! Hence when Josh started weaning, this was my turning point.

I thought "it can’t be that hard", oh boy was I wrong 

I quickly realised nutritious meals were so vital, not just for him but for all of us. Being raised as a vegetarian, I wanted Josh to have the same ethos as myself. When I was growing up, my mum always made an effort to cook Indian food every day. We knew who we were through food. We had a level of pride in our culture.

We started off Josh’s weaning journey with a mixture of baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding. One of his favourite foods was broccoli - and still is! After the first month of this, he became very bored of food and so I started the journey of recipe creating.

I was on a mission to transform the meals I had growing up into baby and toddler healthy meals.

I found he absolutely loved Indian food because of the wide range of spices, tastes and textures. I was on a mission to transform the meals I had growing up into baby and toddler healthy meals. During maternity leave, I started posting recipes on social media hoping they would help other mums.

Once I went back to work as an optometrist (a full-on 9-6 job in practice), I struggled again to cook meals for Josh and relied on children’s ready meals from the supermarket which lacked taste and texture. He started losing weight as he wasn’t eating. I used to go to the supermarket thinking why can’t the shelves have traditional mum-made Indian food that was suitable for babies and toddlers, thus My Veggie Bubba was born. 

Healthy Indian-Inspired Toddler Meals created by My Veggie Bubba

So why Indian food?

Traditional Indian meals are not like the meals you get served in a restaurant. They are made with reduced oil, high in protein and iron and are incredibly tasty. Each spice has a different use, from digestive to immunity. Indian food also contains lots of authentic vegetables native to India that are high in vitamins and nutrients.

When Josh started nursery, for a whole year he picked up so many bugs! I found increasing Indian food in his diet helped with his health, digestion and overall happiness.

My Veggie Bubba meals are mum-made, nutritionally balanced meals, filled with goodness and made with love.


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