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Puffed Quinoa Buttons

A new and healthier version of chocolate buttons! Packed with fibre and protein. A great family snack recipe enjoyed by the whole family! 

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Beetroot Bliss Balls

Soft fudgy bliss balls that are high in iron, fibre and vitamin C. A great plant-based family recipe! A great way to add more iron in your family's breakfast! Works...

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Dal Makhani

A delicious creamy lentil curry that will fill your families tummies up. Served with a side of pilau rice, chapattis or naan bread. This a great family recipe!

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Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Try this delicious nutritious alternative to crisps! Great with MVB's Nut-free Roast dinner or as a snack! This is a great family recipe. 

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Carrot and Date Pudding

Try this no-bake nutritious Carrot and Date Pudding. Perfect as a comforting treat on a cold wintery day. This is a great healthy toddler dessert!

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